Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole Joins X2 Performance As Shareholder

Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole Joins X2 Performance As Shareholder

Kendall Toole, popular Peloton instructor and mental health advocate has joined the growing team at X2 Performance as a shareholder. In a deal announced by X2 CEO, Mark French, Toole is now an equity partner who will assist in the company’s development of future products while educating consumers on how to maximize X2’s clean product lines into their everyday healthy lifestyles.

With X2 Performance’s rapid expansion across North America, Toole’s role is the latest in a series of high-profile announcements from the clean energy drink and supplement brand, highlighted by a $16-million Series D round led by L Catterton, a leading Consumer Goods Private Equity investor. That raise also included an investment from NFL All-Pro Running Back, Saquon Barkley who joined the likes of 2-time NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers) and NFL Super Bowl Champion Lavonte David (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) as X2 shareholders.  X2 has long been a staple with professional athletes and throughout professional sports locker rooms. Over 25 Pro Teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL are currently purchasing X2’s patented line of products for their athletes to use for training and game day performance.

As X2 furthers its reach, the brand has quickly become sought after amongst key beverage executives and distributors looking to capitalize on the growth potential of healthy energy drinks. The brand has now expanded well beyond the locker room with retailers to be available to the “everyday athlete”, with CVS, Subway, GNC and Amazon among those providing distribution coast-to-coast. This fall, as the product line expands, the products will also land in grocery and convenience stores across the country.

Making a name for herself as a powerhouse on the Peloton platform, Toole’s fierce, never-stop pushing attitude and ability to encourage self-acceptance has quickly built a large, loyal fan base and has catapulted her into pop culture stardom. Toole’s relationship with X2 Performance marks her first equity partnership in a sponsor’s company, and further compliments her expanding brand. In her role with X2, she will share her passion for fitness with the everyday athlete while also assisting on product development leading to enhanced consumer fitness goals and participating in consumer & retail activations.

“As we grow our brand and distribution footprint, it’s important that we are introducing our line of healthy energy products to athletes at all levels and Kendall is the perfect conduit for that. Through her role as a Peloton Instructor, she has built a deep connection with millions of “everyday athletes” who are striving every day to reach their own individual fitness goals, and equally important, are thoughtful about what they put in their bodies. As Kendall continues to grow her own personal brand, it’s an honor that she’s chosen to align with X2 for her first equity partnership” said CEO Mark French.

“X2 was a no-brainer for me, because it’s a product I use and something I can stand behind. What I love about X2 is that it feels like me, elevated on my best day, when I am the most recovered and had a great night’s sleep. With X2, I have no worries about what I’m putting into my body because I know it’s coming from a natural place, which is extremely important to me,” said Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole. “I am incredibly excited to get join X2 as the brand expands.”

X2 is NSF Certified for Sport, the highest standard for purity of ingredients, quality control and banned-substance testing, and the all-natural formula provides sustained energy from clean, effective ingredients with no crash.

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