Tested & Trusted
by World-Class Athletes.

Not an Endorser.

Kawhi Leonard is not another endorsement partner. He is an owner and active business partner. Kawhi sets the foundation for his elite performance on and off the court with an all-natural and organic diet. He is equally selective with the brands he will endorse. Kawhi partnered with X2 because the products are natural, tested to the highest standards of quality and purity, and our patented formula provides the fuel for him to push his performance.

The Best-Kept Secret in Pro Sports.

X2 PERFORMANCE® has been the best-kept secret in professional sports. Until now.

Kawhi is focused on sustained performance using trusted, natural products. Nothing fake. No nonsense. Just results.

X2 naturally fuels Kawhi's elite performance and now our mission is to make X2 available for everyone.

Naturally Fueling