Why X2?


The X2 family of products deliver sustained energy using a combination of only clean and effective ingredients engineered to optimize your natural potential. 

Start Strong.
Finish Stronger.

X2 PERFORMANCE® supplements empower you to reach your peak performance from start through the finish of your toughest workouts.

X2 supplements have been validated by professional athletes, championship organizations, and repeatedly purchased by professional teams to fuel their training and game-day performance.

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Clean Ingredients. Highest Quality.

We use only clean ingredients that are both effective and of the highest quality. Our X2 PERFORMANCE® supplements are NSF Certified for Sport®, a rigorous certification process that ensures the highest standard for purity of ingredients, quality control, and banned-substance testing.

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Patented Performance

Our team of scientists spent five years developing our patented formula with the goal to naturally optimize your athletic potential. We focused on naturally generating and regenerating ATP, the essential energy molecule found throughout your body.

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Get Energized, Naturally

From our patented formula we developed an all-natural energy drink for all day, everyday use. X2 All-Natural Energy drinks use caffeine from green tea and natural sugars to deliver a great-taste with no crash, no jitters, and no artificial ingredients.

X2 All-Natural Energy drinks are available at Subway® restaurants across the country, Amazon, and the X2 website.