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Science of Performance


A History Rooted in Science

Our founder, Dr. Ralph Ferrante, committed himself to developing a responsible alternative to the dangerous supplements and banned substances on the market. Leveraging his background in sports science, Dr. Ralph worked with a team of scientists to develop a patented formulation proven to enhance human performance naturally.*

Real Energy: ATP

ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is the energy-storing molecule found in every cell of the body. When ATP is broken down, energy is released to empower all bodily functions at the cellular level. ATP is critical for transporting nutrients to muscles, providing energy and endurance for physical activity, as well as removing metabolic waste products from muscles post exercise and assisting in recovery.

High-intensity and endurance training require a high rate of ATP utilization and regeneration. A short period of exhaustive exercise can cause muscle ATP levels to temporarily drop 30 - 40%. After several weeks of intense training, ATP levels can drop by 15 - 20%. 

Validated Ingredients. Responsibly Formulated.

Each ingredient included in our patented formula has been extensively researched and plays a functional role in ATP generation or else we wouldn’t include it:

  • Natural Caffeine to enhance neuromuscular function and muscle contraction; the only stimulant in X2 - we don't load you up with excessive stimulants like other products*
  • Glucose as the primary fuel for generating new ATP*
  • Ribose for ATP regeneration, reducing muscle cramping/soreness, and recovery*
  • ATP Disodium to elevate ATP levels, stimulate blood flow and delivery of nutrients to muscles, and support mental acuity*
  • CoQ10 for antioxidant and ATP support*
  • D-Pinitol to stimulate glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in muscle cells*
  • Electrolytes for endurance and hydration*